A company is only ever as good as its people. Develop your people through training and reap the benefits of stronger teams, enhanced commitment and a more unified company ethos.

As a team building activity, Off Road Karting addresses several important developmental criteria. It can also be tailor-made to meet your particular company requirements.

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Corporate Activities Testimonials

After a busy few months at work I wanted to thank the guys for all their hard work, so I decided to organise a team day out. We'd been joined by a couple of new members of staff too so it gave everybody the chance to get to know each other a bit better.

We'd been paintballing and go-karting a couple of times before so I thought it was time we tried something new. In the end I decided to book an off-road karting experience purely because of how much fun it looked. It was ideal for our group size too, and because we had to keep the office open the guys went down in two separate groups.

I went down with the second group of the day, which meant we had to listen to the guys from the morning session describe their off-road karting experience every last detail – but at least they'd enjoyed it. By the time it got to the the afternoon I was desperate to give it a go myself, and the rest of the guys were just as excited when we got to the site.

When we arrived at the site we got signed in and kitted up straight away, and once we'd been shown how to handle the karts it was straight down to action. We were basically competing to set the best lap time, but it wasn't quite as easy as tearing to the finish line. The track was awesome and had a mix of banked corners and high-speed straights, so you could really get your foot down.

As you can imagine things got pretty competitive out on the track, and by the time we'd all had our turn at the wheel we'd managed to rack up some seriously impressive times. The site even left the first group's times up, so we had an overall leaderboard at the end of the day.

When we got back to the office we all compared times, and the feedback from everybody who took part was amazing.. regardless of where they finished. I'd definitely recommend and off-road karting experience, especially if you're a bit of a petrol head.