Celebrate your birthday in style by letting Dirt Karts give you an adrenaline packed birthday party to remember. With venues across The UK and Ireland and a range of packages to suit all budgets there's no better place to book the ultimate party.

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Off Road Karting Birthday Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

If you asked anybody to describe my boyfriend in two words, chances are they would simply call him a “petrol head”! If you name a driving experience, he’s probably been a part of it- he’s been karting too many times to count, as well as quad biking and plenty of driving experiences in the world’s best super cars. To him, there is no bigger thrill than getting behind the wheel and letting loose.

He’s always on the search for faster and wilder driving experiences, so I knew exactly what to get him for his birthday. When the big day started approaching, I got online straight away to find some of the best driving challenges in the country; he’d be disappointed if I treated him to anything else. I’m a bit of a petrol head too, although nowhere near as much as he is, so I knew exactly where to look. I went straight on the Dirt Karts website, as I know that he had never taken part in any off road karting. Sure, he’d had off road thrills with quad biking, but nothing quite like this.

After checking that the track closest to us was free on his birthday weekend, I went ahead and booked straight away. It couldn’t have been any easier; just minutes after I had started browsing to get the gift, I’d already booked our place and we were ready to go. I couldn’t resist joining him on the track, it just sounded so fun! I’ve never been a part of any off road driving experience before- not that I needed an excuse to take part in the action.

When his birthday morning came around, he couldn’t have been happier to find out that he was about to head off to an off road karting trail. He even stopped opening his presents so we could head straight over- typical adrenaline junkie behaviour. I’ve never gone on one of his motor sports adventures with him before, so he was incredibly excited for us to both go. He even said he couldn’t think of a better way to spend his birthday, so I just hoped it would live up to expectations.

But I didn’t need to worry about that. As soon as we arrived at the site, we felt right at home, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff. When they found out it was my boyfriend’s birthday, they got all the other karters to sing happy birthday to him- and that was just the start of all the fun. After a quick lesson in learning how to ride the karts, we headed straight out on the track and the high speed thrills immediately begun.

I’ve never felt an adrenaline rush anything quite like this before. My boyfriend was definitely in his element too, as he loved skidding round tight corners and speeding across every one of the straights. At the end of the day, he was desperate to return. I know what I’ll be getting him for Christmas!