When you think of the festive season, off road karting is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. When arranging our office Christmas party, we always try and think outside of the box for what we are going to do for our staff celebrations. In recent years, we’ve been paintballing and go karting. We may work a 9-5 job in the sales sector, but we are all adrenaline junkies as soon as we get out of the workplace.

This year, it fell on me to arrange something that we could all take part in. I’d never arranged one of the staff parties before and didn’t realise how difficult it could be; most extreme sports sites close down just before the Christmas period, so finding the perfect location where we could have our action fix wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. We didn’t want to walk in a winter wonderland. We wanted to go wild on an adrenaline junkie’s playground.

Whilst searching online, I came across the Dirt Karts website. After going to the karting circuit last year, taking the auto mayhem off road seemed like the logical next step. After checking out some Dirt Karts footage online, I felt like this was the best choice for our Christmas party- so without a moment to waste, I booked for the entire team to take part in the driving experience. Within the space of five minutes, I had discovered the best idea for the Christmas party and booked it. The website’s navigation was that simple, I didn’t have to worry about anything.

When I told the team we were going off road karting, they couldn’t contain their excitement. They were all rushing to complete all their work on time so we could hurry up and get out of the office to take part in the action. By the time the big day arrived, everybody was more than ready to take the challenge on. Most of the team had been watching clips online to check out tips on how to be the best on the track; they really wanted to perfect their skidding, so they could overtake the others around sharp corners.

As soon as we arrived, our team were itching to get on to the karts; luckily, the staff were extremely helpful and made sure they could climb on board the vehicles straight away. Once everybody was in the driver’s seat, we had the time of our lives. There is no denying this is a bigger thrill than any old karting challenge; the off road driving experience is second to none, that left everybody desperate to come back for more. We don’t usually go to the same place twice for our Christmas parties. But after the day we had at a Dirt Karts track? We’ll definitely be coming back for more.